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Belly Dancers of NY, NJ, PA, DE, etc Unite!

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tristatebelly is a place to discuss anything pertaining to belly dance in NJ, NY, PA, DE, and other nearby states. Make yourself at home.

-Please keep on topic. All posts should be related to local belly dance events, teachers, shops, gatherings, etc. As much as we'd love to hear about events in California, we're probably not going to get there in time! Try to keep things relevant.

-Be respectful. Discussion and debate are wonderful, as long as they are done in a civilized and intelligent fashion.

-Please only promote other communities if they are on topic.

-Pictures are welcome (and encouraged). One image is allowed outside a cut, and it must be 500 pixels or less on both sides. images behind the cut may be larger, but keep in mind that it's not as fun viewing images if the whole thing won't fit on your screen at once. For more information on the LJ cut, visit here.

-The moderator has the right to delete inappropriate posts. If you think your post has been deleted by mistake, please contact magicfuzzball @ gmail.com

Philly Raqs: Features news, local listings for events, restaurants, teachers, vendors, etc.
Bellydance NY: Resource page for loval events, restaurants, teachers, vendors, etc in the New York area.
Hipnosis: Tribal troupe that hosts a lot of events in the Philly area.

Here by mistake?
Perhaps another region would be better.
bellydancing for general information and discussion
bellydancegear For costuming and accessory ideas
tribaldance For tribal dancers
tribal_dancers For tribal dancers
raks_shiny For cabaret dancers
folkloricdance For folk/ethnic dancers
bbw_bellydancer For curvaceous dancers
pagan_shimmies For pagan dancers
sbof For geeky dancers
bushido_belly For martial artist dancers
raks_gothique For goth dancers
belly_goth_uk For goth dancers in the UK
dcraqs For Washington D.C. and surrounding
se_bellydance For Southeastern USA
ucfbellydance For Florida
ne_bellydance For Northeastern USA
midwest_belly For Midwestern USA
socalbellydance and socalbellyclub For Southern California
norcalbellydanz For Northern California
union_raks For the UK and Europe
canadaraqs For Canada
omeda For Ontario, Canada
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